Early Findings from Crash Reporting, Update from Latest Meeting with PBOT

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Bicycle crashes reported on new Portland Streetcar line

Less than a month ago, AROW launched an effort to collect data from people who have crashed their bicycles on Streetcar tracks.  While reports continue to be collected, we took the  opportunity to look through the 99 reports we have received to date.

For our first set of findings, we isolated crashes that were along the new streetcar alignment to present to PBOT, as part of AROW’s continuing work to bring safety improvements to vital bikeways intersecting streetcar tracks.  You can review the wonky spreadsheet for details, report case numbers correspond with the numbers on the map above.  We will continue to work with the data to come up with a more complete picture of crash hot-spots along the entire Streetcar system.

Meeting with PBOT & Portland Streetcar

New Pearl District Traffic Circulation Map

New Pearl District Traffic Circulation Map, note bikes are now routed down 16th rather than 15th.

AROW met with PBOT and Portland Streetcar last Wednesday to review our list of outsanding safety concerns.

PBOT indicated changes are coming, including new wayfinding signage, lane reconfigurations, and further study of motor vehicle trips on Marshall Street.  We are pleased that PBOT has carefully considered our requests and there has been progress. The AROW Streetcar Safety Group remains concerned about the implementation timeline, especially considering our proximity to Summer, a time when the biggest, most diverse set of people on bikes are out riding these streets.

A summary list of locations due to receive enhanced bikeway safety improvements, as provided by PBOT,  is below.

Summary of Bike Work in the Eastside Streetcar Loop project – to date, May 18, 2011

Since October 2010, the following items have been at the forefront of evaluation/discussion (Numbered items are on the AROW list):

  • 1 – Broadway/Larrabee,
  • 12 – 10th/Marshall,
  • 13 – 7th/Weidler,
  • 18 – Lovejoy couplet one-way confusion,
  • 10th Avenue issues (10th/Northrup signal, 10th/Lovejoy ped crossings, 10th/Marshall intersection),
  • Marshall bikeway
  • Johnson bikeway
  • Broadway/Lovejoy bike guidance,
  • Completion of the Lovejoy/Northrup couplet,
  • Broadway/Williams bike signal,
  • Williams/Weidler “lake”, and
  • 7th Avenue bike left turns

The following items on the AROW spreadsheet are related and are in the next batch of items to be addressed:

  • 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 17 are primarily related to wayfinding/warning signing or treatments.





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