Update on the Studded Tire Ballot Initiative

Posted by Steve in News on April 11th, 2012 – 2 Comments

Jeff Bernards came to an AROW meeting years ago to gain support on his effort to ban studded tires in Oregon. Turns out we waste a lot of money re-paving our roadways because of the unnecessary use of metal-studded tires. Jeff and a cadre of volunteers set forward a communications and fundraising campaign to help end this era of wastefulness.

While a large fundraising goal stands in the way of getting on the 2012 ballot, there is hope that State Represenatives in Salem who will face significant budget shortfalls in 2013 will be inspired to take up the appropriate legislation.

  1. A couple days ago I heard a very confident, angry case from a liberal Democrat in Baker City who said that though the Willamette Valley may not need studded tires, snow tires just don’t work in east-Oregon hills in winter. Studded tire bans should be enacted at the county level, she said.

    What’s the counterargument?

    • If studded tires were required to get anywhere in the winter you would have a 100% use rate. According to ODOT’S 2000 study only 30% of drivers use studded tires in Eastern Oregon. I talked with the Redmond police dept. recently and they stated they don’t use studded tires. Excluding the road damage cost they said studless snow tires were cheaper to use & safer than studs in a wider range of winter driving conditions. Studded tires are an ice tire who’s performance is on ice, which is 1% of Oregon winter driving conditions. Studded tires have a negative safety performance on all conditions except ice and studless tires perform comparably on ice. So basically in the big picture all around winter driving is safer with the modern Snow & Ice tires, like the Bridgestone Blizzak.

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