Report a Crash

Have you crashed your bicycle on or around streetcar tracks in Portland? Please complete the form below.

Report Your Crashes to AROW

AROW is working with Portland Streetcar and PBOT to address ongoing safety concerns on streets where bikes, cars and streetcar share the road.

We are tracking crashes and need your help to understand where problems exist.  By collecting this information, we can present decision-makers with data to support our concerns and compel the City to address safety issues in a timely manner.

Portland Streetcar Crash Report Form



Where exactly did you crash? Please provide nearest address or intersection.

Date of Crash:

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Describe what happened, please be as specific as possible. We encourage you to include information about any cars involved, if you had to go to the hospital, cost of medical bills, damage to your bike, and so forth.

Was the roadway wet when you crashed?
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How long have you been biking in an urban environment?

Please attach any photos which help illustrate your crash:


Please help us outreach to those cyclists who have crashed on Streetcar tracks using the following outreach materials: