Take Action

Here are some ways to get involved in critical decisions about your transportation network

1. CALL 503-823-SAFE anytime you see an unsafe situation.  It takes 3 minutes to ask the city to make things right, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.  If the city denies your request, please let us know.

2. Write letters to local media, city council, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro, Multnomah County.  Make the case for allocating more funding and public right-of-way to active transportation projects.

3. Attend a public meeting about an upcoming transportation project.  Make sure walking, biking, and transit improvements are a part of any new roadway project, big or small.  Your Neighborhood Coalition is also a good place to work with your neighbors on local concerns.

4. Join the grassroots movement for better streets!  Attend an upcoming event in support of Bus Riders Unite!, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, Stop the CRC!, AROW, or Bicycle Transportation Alliance.  By working together, we can win.