The 2012 Oregon Legislative Session is underway!

Make sure your representative and senator know that you support complete streets that are:

  • Safe for walking to school
  • Safe and convenient for commuting by bicycle
  • Accessible and comfortable for senior citizens and people with disabilities to take TriMet

With a large budget deficit and a struggling economy, active transportation projects and funding will be an easy target for cuts. Now is a great time to get in touch with your legislators in Salem and let them know that active transportation funding, infrastructure and equity are important to their constituents back home. When you call, make it a point to specifically and directly ask them to support active transportation.

Find your legislators here.

Contacting local officials

Education materials

Know your rights and the law

  • Pedal Power: A legal guide for people on bikes by the firm of Swanson, Thomas & Coon
  • Oregon Pedestrian Rights: A legal guide for people on foot by the firm of Swanson, Thomas & Coon
  • Action Pamphlet: A citizens’ guide to initiating violation proceedings by the firm of Swanson, Thomas & Coon

Be informed about upcoming projects

Other resources